“Path to my own Greatness”


I first started my Journey in Ateneo when I was in first year highschool. Here how it goes, I took the Entrance exam. While I was taking the exam. The coaches of the basketball department were waiting outside. After the exam. The coach, then approached me. He told me to practice with the team the next day and so I did. After that first practice. My Journey for sports began. After that very first practice I had. There was an invitation for the team to play in Boracay, so then that was my very first league I played in.

After the first month of hardwork and practices, all those bloodshed and sweat wiped. All my experiences that very first month was intense but fun. Coach Butchie, our head coach that time, and he is the Phil Jackson of Iloilo. On his assistant side is Coach tonichi a former Bedan player. He is our nightmare during practices. His practices are always as strenuous like Hell. He is a mad man during games and everytime we make mistakes. However, all those led us all to be beyond physically fit and literally speaking. With his training, we can play Six quarters straight from start to finish.

Then here goes my academic Journey, to be honest, I am the only basketball player here in ateneo to play from 1st year to 4th year without failures. I’m not boasting or anything but that’s the truth. I enjoyed being with the class especially with the class I am with from 2nd year until now. To remember what we’ve all been through. Those hardwork practices during Intramurals and Elocution. I also remembered that we boys tend to run away every after dismissal because practicing during Elocution and Intramurals is…… Well I can’t explain it. It’s just like they are torturing us.

Then my closing remarks. I simply love ATENEO. I didn’t regret going to school here. I inherited the 7c’s of Ateneo. Where ever I go, I am proud to say I am an Atenean.


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