Lo and behold!(Part 1)


A legacy they say, and yes, that’s what I am. Power, Pride and Supremacy. All mine! Fear me mortals! And bow down to my supremacy, for I possess the thunderbolt, forged by Hephaestus himself. For, I am the supreme ruler. Lord of the skies. The rain-god and cloud gatherer. You may know me best as Zeus, a womanizer. I can’t be contented with Hera alone. I’ve got to collect and collect until I have the best. Well, I’ve got Hera, Demeter, Eris, Persephone, Europa, Io, Callisto and many more. Every time I see a beautiful woman. My mind goes nuts and my “thing down here” gets awakened with RAGE! Well, Enough with this nonesense. Let’s get to it.


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